This website is serves predominantly as a place to organise my thoughts and write about various mini projects I have been tinkering with in my spare time. Usually most posts are about software development, electronics, quadcopters or 3D printing as these are my main areas of personal interests.

A bit about myself, my name Michael Knights and I currently work full-time in the IT sector as a software engineer using technologies such as C#, C++, VB.net, Java, Python, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5 and JavaScript and SQL. I have always like to build things both professionally and in my spare time.

Before I started my professional career, I spent four years studying computer science at the University of Lincoln. During my studies I focused mainly on mobile development and robotics which were the topics of two dissertations. Even at a very young age I always had a very keen interest in computer programming and electronics but fundamentally I just like knowing how things work.

If you happen to be looking for someone with my skill sets and experience, please get in touch usingĀ contact page.