Bench PSU / Solder station (Part 1)

I started to build a bench power supply with an inbuilt T12 solder station. Because all of IT12 solder kits I found require between 12v-24v I decided it would be best to use a 24v LED PSU. as well as a DPS3005 Adjustable DC Constant Voltage power supply module with integrated voltmeter / ammeter, which provides a lot of flexibility. Both of these modules have serial output for firmware, etc. I also brought a couple of rocker switches and spring terminals jacks for outputting power.

Using my 3d printer I designed a prototype front panel to contain all the components then exported it to an SVG for use on a laser cutter.

I cut out the prototype panel in acyclic on my local hackerspaces laser cutter (Norwich Hackerspace) and then seated all the components (I’ll admit I had to use my Dremel to trim where I was off by a mm here and there). I then continued to wire the components together like this:

After powering up the T12 module went from 25c to 250c in a few seconds and I stupidly thought, Ah.. I messed something up and decided to touch the soldering iron tip…… All i can say on that is Ouch!. after that little mishap I checked everything and it all seems to work perfectly!

The next stage will be to design and cut-out the final case and adjusted front panel. I am thinking of cutting it with black acyclic and perhaps adding a fan to keep the PSU cool as it doesn’t have one, as well as some USB ports to the top for powering rpi’s / arduinio’s, Perhaps even a proper power switch for the mains.

The current electronics part list is:


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