Bench PSU / Solder station (Part 2)

After successfully wiring up and testing the power supply I started to make in my last post (here) which incorporated an DPS3005 Adjustable DC Constant Voltage module and a T12 solder station, The next stage was to design a case for laser cutting out of black acyclic. However I wanted to add some USB ports and some fans, After some searching I found a nice USB module that would do the trick and even step down the power to 5V, the only problem is that it’s maximum input voltage was 20v and I had a 24v power supply, Luckily all these power supplies come with an adjustment screw to vary the power slightly and using my trusty multi-meter I was able to get output voltage down to 20v, which will be my maximum output from now on.

I also wanted to add a few fans for cooling however I found it rather hard to source small 24v fans that were not overkill, So I decided to go with 12v fans and after experimenting with a few step down modules that simply failed, In the end I settled for just wiring two 12v fans in series so each fan gets about 10v each.

In terms design, I wanted to make the box as small as possible so I measured all the components in various positions until I figured out I could get away with a box with the dimensions of 120 x 120 x 220mm, I used a amazing little utility by Jerome Leary to create a box which slots together. I download the dfx (drawing file) and imported it to QCad and exported as an svg to then import it into tinkercad (I prefer working in 3d)… I then added the necessary holes for fitting in the components and fixing the power supply, then printed these out in card to check my measurements were correct.

Finally I went over to my local hackerspace (Norwich hackspace) and used their Greyfin A2 laser cutter to cut out the box.

The construction process was fairly simple though I must admit there was very little space, so I put the power supply in first and then hot glued each side, I decided on hot glue so I would be able to take it apart again with minimal effort.

So finally the the power supply / solder station is complete! I intend to write up the full project into an instructable in the near future, but If you want to build you own or adapt my designs you can find the files here on Thingiverse

Updated Wiring digram:

Additional components:


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