Flight test with Ardunio

Yesterday, I tried a flight test to see if the Ardunio I programmed would work effective as a bridge between my RC receiver and the flight controller, Allowing the control to be switch between the my RC transmitter and Serial input from the PI.


2012-12-18 14.45.34

As you can see from the image above, The test didn’t quite go as expected. However I did have a level of control as the Quadcopter randomly moved in various directions. I believe with some fine-tuning and perhaps some extra smoothing of the input from the radio controller this can be fixed. The end result was a few broken parts nothing some super glue won’t fix for the moment.

However this approach creates a lot of extra wires that makes it harder to debug basic problems. For the time being I’m going to focus on another approach until at-least my Arduino Mini Pro turns up. So my new approach is to slightly re-program the firmware on the MultiWii board to add an extra option to allow for me to switch from RC control to Serial control. Half of this is done already in the code as you can already define serial control but not both.