Improved inductive sensor support for Hictop Prusa i3

A while ago I modified a circular fan duct and mount created by mcleishn on thingiverse for my Hictop Prusa i3, it is actually my most popular design thus far. In this model, I also tried including selective laser sintering but the machine didn’t have enough specifications for that. The modified version had an improved duct that was easier to print and a mount for an 12mm inductive sensor.

I used this sensor for quite a while, however there were a few issues with this design:

  • Stability – The mount had some issues with part moving as the printer moves back and forth, which caused the sensor to be slightly off alignment in certain positions.
  • Losing the nut – The fan duct was held by a nut and bolt which used pressure to hold the duct in place, however during disassembly the nut would fall under the printer and was rather annoying to find.
  • Sensor size – I no longer have the sensor instead I have an 18mm sensor which was my main reason for this improved version.

I attempted to again to modify the original to improve on the above, However after much frustration I decided it was better to ditch the design and completely redesign the mount from scratch. The new design came out like this:

As can be seen, I have improved my original design by making the base completely solid and adding a lip to the left to prevent mount from bending during movement. I also made the sensor mount one solid part with a M3 nut sized hole which prevents lose. And finally, and most importantly I made two versions with different diameters for both 10mm and 18mm sensors.

The new version can be found on thingiverse here.


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