Kossel Frame Update

Just quick an update from my last post about my project to build a kossel 3d printer.

The base frame is now together as can you see in the picture below. It has taken considerably longer than originally expected, this was mainly due to printing issues with the Hictop Prusa I3, which I have been heavily modifying in order to print the ABS parts required for this build. I have now replaced the power supply and I’m in progress of upgrading the Y carriage.

I have modified both the bottom motor mount and the top of the original by Johann (RepRap), these modified versions have additional vents to improve air flow and reduce print time as well as extra mounting / wire holes. I plan to make caps for the top parts to hide the idlers and any wiring.

The next stage is to add the motors and the control board, from there the focus will be on devising good carriages to keep things steady while moving up and down the frame, and then the hot end / heated bed. This plan will undoubtably change! 🙂

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