RoboTank Continued.

A lot has happened since the first post around the RoboTank project,

This has been a fairly slow project that both myself and my friend Jono have been working on for an hour or two whenever we have had the time. Since the last the post we have written a whole new control layer which has allowed us to create a basic user interface that can control the tank’s movement via use of the keyboard or even a joystick.

robotank interface

A second tank has been 3D printed with some better techniques. i.e. high quality on a better printing surface. There has been a lot of experimentation with the power system in terms of attempting to find a suitable solution that doesn’t involve using a Lithium Polymer battery, we tried Alkaline battery and USB power packs , both worked but had limitations of power output i.e. 5-9V. Which meant though the motors worked they were very slow and often got stuck. Inevitably we ended up reverting back to LiPos……….

There has been some experimentation with raspberry pi cameras which was very successful and worked nicely with the web interface. However we have removed them for the time being as they are a little brittle and we need to design a suitable mount that prevents them from shaking too much during movement.

The future plan is to add sonar sensors and IR cameras for autonomous roaming as well as joystick control using Bluetooth joysticks and tracking probably using an accelerometer.


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