Z Axis Support for the Hictop Prusa I3

This support was built for z-axis on my Hictop Prusa I3 Printer, It attaches to the top of the exciting motor mount using the three screw holes for the motor and holds the M8 smooth rod in place with a screw, which prevents it from being pulled upwards when the printer is moving. The finished version is available on Thingiverse here.

The part was constructed using Autodesk’s Tinkercad. which is a free web-based 3D modelling application that allows the user to use a bunch of basic geographical shapes, to create very complex structures by grouping them together. You can clearly see this depicted below on left versus the grouped version on the right.

tinkercad z support

The only real issue I have with Tinkercad is there is no real easy way of smoothing out the surface other than adjusting the position of each individual component which can be pretty tedious as it can be hard to get the angle and position perfect. I have found the time to played around with a couple of other programs such as SketchUp and 123d design, However Tinkercad seems be the easiest and most convenient due to its web-based interface.

Once the parts are printed they attached perfectly to the printer and held the M8 rods very securely with a standard nut and bolt. In my case the part made the whole assembly more secure preventing any movements casing the smooth rods to be pulled or shaken out during prints.


In the future it may be worth adjusting this design to encompass the Z end stop switch with some kind of easy to adjustable mechanism that can change the height of the switch which would make the process of bed leveling that bit easier.

Anyway hopefully this part will help somebody struggling with similar issues that I have been having and save them a little bit of time.

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